Low carb pizza base

Creating the perfect Pizza Sauce for Low Carb Pizzas

Low carb pizza bases need a perfect lower sugar sauce - check out this blog for inspiration

Making your own sauce is easy and allows for customisation to match your taste preferences. When it comes to pizza sauce, there's a myriad of paths you can explore. Some prefer the authenticity of simple Neapolitan sauce, while others lean towards a New York style with added flavours. There's no right or wrong—your choice entirely shapes the taste.

To help with your sauce making session, here are various recipes and ideas to cater to your mood or dietary needs:

Neapolitan-Style Sauce

This sauce's authenticity heavily relies on the quality of San Marzano tomatoes. If those aren't available, opt for the best-quality tinned tomatoes you can find. To make this sauce, blend a 400g tin of tomatoes with basil and a pinch of salt.

Low carb pizza sauce

Low-Sugar Pizza Sauce - New York-Style

This cooked sauce incorporates additional flavours and is sweetened with erythritol to keep carbs low. It involves ingredients including tomatoes, a whole onion, a bunch of baasil, olive oil, garlic, butter, and various spices. Simmer for about an hour, discard the onion and basil once cooked.

White/Bianca- The lowest carb pizza sauce option!

In northern Italy, 'bianca' pizzas skip the tomato base and go for a white sauce. For low carb purposes, this could be made of either creme fraiche, cream cheese, or ricotta. Add garlic, herbs, and seasoning, then top with mozzarella and other desired toppings.

Low carb pizza sauce

Oven Roasted Fresh Tomato Sauce

For a unique twist using fresh tomatoes, oven roasting enhances their flavour. Halve the tomatoes, roast with salt, thyme, and garlic until slightly charred, then blend with olive oil and basil.

Low Carb pizza

Puree-Based Sauce

Though tomato puree straight from the tube can burn easily, diluting it with water creates a quick sauce. Alternatively, a cooked recipe combining puree with umami-rich ingredients, sweetness, and acidity makes for a more complex sauce.


Pesto, whether green or red, offers a potent flavour. Dilute it with passata or mix it with mascarpone cheese for a richer keto-style sauce.

Hints & Tips 

Transform tomato sauces into unique takeaway-style pizza sauces by adding BBQ sauce or extra chili flakes/hot sauce. Store these sauces in the fridge for a few days or freeze them in portions for future use, ideal for low carb pizzas or pasta dishes.

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