Don’t run from the fats!

If there is one top-tip I can give all newbies who have decided they want to try keto or low-carb, it would be to run towards the fats! 

Now I know this will feel completely alien, and you’ll be thinking, oh my god, I’m never going to lose weight eating like this.  Believe me though when I tell you, you must trust the process.  You have to re-wire probably years of thinking that fats are bad for you.  It’s the fats that will keep you feeling full for longer and make you less likely to crave sugar and reach for the biscuit tin. 

Some nice double cream whipped up with some sugar free vanilla sweetener, 2 tablespoons of full fat Greek yogurt and some sugar free jelly will make a great sweet treat and you’ll be amazed by how little you’ll eat as its satisfying!  That’s the full fat for you! 

MCT oil or powder in your favourite drink or smoothie in the morning will keep you going, provide fuel for the brain and give you that clean energy to power through the day without those horrible afternoon slumps! 

Drizzle some really nice olive oil over your salad or poached eggs, use butter to sauté your veggies in and add that cream to your scrambled eggs – you just watch the fat drop off your waist. 

My advice, if you are trying to decide between that piece of chicken breast or that nice gooey looking slice of camembert, have the one you fancy the most!  The camembert will keep you feeling fuller for longer though and in my opinion is so much more moreish! 

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