Why is our gut health so important?

When researching tips and tricks to get your body to optimal health, you may have come across the phrase ‘good gut health’. Gut health is something that is typically missed when it comes to considering how best to look after your body. However, what a lot of people may not be aware of is the fact that our gut health plays a huge part in our overall health and wellbeing.

Our gut breaks down the food we consume to a simple form that travels through the bloodstream to deliver nutrients throughout our body. This means that whatever we put into our body ends up in our bloodstream, hence the need to eat nutritious food that provides our body with the nutrients we need to reach optimal health.

High sugar food and drink snacks and meals contain refined carbohydrates which our gut works hard to break down quickly. This causes spikes in our blood sugar. These spikes can lead to fatigue, headaches and if occurring regularly, can lead to long term, more serious illnesses.

In addition to cutting down on sugary foods, it is recommended that the fats you consume are clean ones such as olive oil, coconut oil, mct oil, avocado oil and even nut oils.

One of the most effective ways to either repair your gut, or ensure it remains in tip top condition, is to eat as clean as possible which means as well as limiting sugary foods, also cutting back on processed foods too. Giving your gut, and body, a detox comes with loads of great benefits for your body and mind.

Our gut communicates with our brain through nerves and hormones and requires healthy bacteria and immune cells to fight off any illnesses and infections. Without a healthy gut, we run the risk of becoming unwell so looking after your gut should always be a top priority.

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