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Heylo Essentials


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Getting prepped for a low-carb month is a great way to ensure you stay on plan. If you are seeking a variety-packed collection of amazing low carb staples that you can rely on this month, this is the perfect bundle.

You'll be stocked up with 2-4 weeks worth of amazing low carb products (depending on how fast you eat them!) - we’ve included several low carb breads (perfect for the freezer) and cereals, covering you for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 

Save 5% off all items with this bundle.


- Keto Jam - Strawberry
- Artisan Seeded Keto Rolls | Pack of 4 x 240g
- Artisan Seeded Keto Bread | 450g Loaf
- Sesame Low Carb Bagels | Pack of 2 x 75g
Lighter White Keto Bread | 300g Loaf
Natural Keto Granola | 180g Pouch | No Nuts Caramel
Natural Keto Granola | 180g Pouch | Heavenly Cocoa
Natural Keto Granola | 180g Pouch | Nice and Natural

Heylo Essentials