Fibre, Fibre, Fibre – Why is it SO important?

Dietary fibres are essential for a healthy digestive system, immune system and your general well-being. Fibre can help to promote heart health, decrease diabetes risk, feed your gut microbiota, lower the risk of bowel cancer, help you feel fuller for longer and of course tackle constipation. It is as simple as that. . . . .

And despite what you might think, you can reduce your carb intake while getting enough fibre.

Get your fibre with Sylliflor

Yes, of course getting enough fibre in daily can be hard – ESPECIALLY when you’re following a low-carb diet but there are some delicious high-fibre foods out there! These ‘high fibre low carb foods’, or concentrated fibres, include psyllium husks, avocados, chia seeds, pistachios, almonds, and wheat bran.

Concentrated fibres

It is easy to get more dietary fibres in the everyday life by incorporating foods like psyllium husks, which are a concentrated source of gluten-free dietary fibres. Psyllium husks are the main ingredient in Sylliflor, a tasty high-fibre powder that you can add to snacks, use baking or thicken sauces with. Sylliflor contains 85% dietary fibres.

How Does It Work?

Sylliflor-lifestyle - yoghurt

Simply add it to your breakfast or snacks and drink a full glass of water after.

As Sylliflor absorbs water and swells in the tummy, it creates a gel-like mass which keeps you fuller for longer – if you are pregnant you may find you need to reduce the amount of Sylliflor you have in the later stages of your pregnancy so you don’t feel too full!

This naturally stimulates your bowels to get moving. For all medicines and supplements, it is important to take them an hour before or two hours after Sylliflor so they can be absorbed fully into the bloodstream.

SylliFlor is crunchy, tasty and does not get sticky! The easy and delicious way of eating dietary fibres.

SylliFlor psyllium husks come in five flavours; Vanilla, Cacao, Malt, Apple and Cinnamon, and Plain. You can also get SylliFlor Calcium for chronic diarrhoea and SylliFlor Colostrum for those with gastro diseases or impaired immune systems.

Fun fibre fact

The recommended daily intake of fibre for an adult in the UK is 30g daily, with the majority of adults actually getting closer to 18g daily. How much fibre do you think you get in each day?

Written by Roisin Cahill, founder of RoCa Healthcare


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