Getting Creative with Keto Bread

Keto lifestyles used to mean the misery of cutting out fluffy, chewy, goes-with-everything, delicious bread – in all its forms. And who doesn’t love a crispy golden crust and soft, squishy centre slathered in something lovely?

If your cravings kick in at just the thought…DON’T DESPAIR!

Keto bread is here to stay – and it tastes better than ever!

Heylo bread sliced loaf
Fresh Heylo Artisan Seeded Bread

Keto-enthusiasts-turned-food-manufacturers have created a range of deliciously soft, crusty and chewy keto-bread. The Heylo Artisan Seeded loaf  has been described as the ‘best keto bread ever’ and ‘just like wholemeal bread’. Seriously Low Carb offer loaves, rolls and Not Cross Buns. And Boost Ball Bread Mix and Just About Foods All Purpose Flour are ideal for the low-carber who loves to cook.

Of course, sandwiches are usually king. But there are countless ways to use a loaf, bap, roll or bun, and keto bread is no exception – with just a fraction of the carbs. And an average slice of white bread has roughly 17 grams of carbohydrates compared with just 0.3 grams of carbs in a slice of Heylo Artisan Seeded Bread.

And to help you make the most of those bready, carb-like mouthfuls, we’ve complied some of our favourite tips and recipes for getting creative with keto bread…

Keto Bread and Butter Pudding – Sweet and Savoury

Bread and butter pudding has come a long way since 70’s desserts and stodgy school dinners. Top chefs have elevated versions of this classic all over the world, and as a modern keto dish it’s brilliant for soaking up healthy fats and added protein – not to mention a warming, filling, cravings banisher. Keto bread takes up flavours and fats as easily as high carb bread, so a straight switch works well.

You’ll find a scrumptious pudding recipe full of healthy fats and added protein here, and a vegan version here. Or if you’re a bish-bash-bosh cook, just add buttered keto bread to a greased oven dish, pour a cream, egg, vanilla extract and keto sweetener mixture over the bread. Then bake ‘til golden. Cover with cold, thick pouring cream when this is fresh from the over and still warm – heaven!

Sprinkle in…

  • lemon zest lends a zip of freshness.
  • grated nutmeg adds a warming traditional taste.
  • toasted coconut flakes for a chewy texture.
  • smooth chunks of Nicks Chocolate Bar for a bit of luxury.
  • dried fruit should generally be avoided on a low carb diet, but dried mulberries are the safest choice, delivering 8g net carbs per 100g.

Bread and Butter Pudding – Savoury / Keto Cheesy Veg Bake

For a sumptuous savoury pudding – or Keto Cheesy Veg Bake – just repeat the steps above, except add in lightly fried keto-friendly vegetables and pour on a milk, eggs and grated cheddar mix instead. Check out the full recipe with here.

This can be enjoyed as a main or a side, but either way, don’t forget the ketchup – Hunter & Gather ketchup is a great keto-friendly sauce. Slice any leftovers into portions because this pudding freezes brilliantly for a quick plate comfort whenever you want.

Keto French Toast

A lazy Sunday morning treat that no breakfast menu should be without. This bready snack takes avocado toast to the next level or top with rashers of crispy bacon for a meatier start to the day. If you have a sweet tooth, then serve with keto friendly fruit such as berries, melon and kiwi fruit and drizzle with keto friendly syrup such as Nick’s Honey Syrup.

A few rounds of Keto French Toast can be whipped up in hardly any time at all. The easiest recipe is to pour whisked eggs (one for each slice of bread) into an oiled, hot frying pan – if you want extra richness, mix in a dollop of cream or cream cheese. Then drop your keto bread into the pan and watch it soak up that eggy goodness. Flip once, season with salt and pepper for savoury or keto-friendly syrup for a sweet treat. Check out a step-by-step recipe here.

Crispy Keto Croutons

Croutons aren’t just a finishing flourish for soup and salads. Crunchy keto bread croutons also add chunks of satisfaction to any salad or soup and can be made in minutes.

  1. Use sliced keto bread for smaller croutons or keto buns for a chunkier bite.
  2. Tear into pieces to create a more rustic texture and larger surface to soak up soups, oils and sauces; slice for daintier, more uniform cubes.
  3. Stir the croutons in a hot frying pan until they’re coated with oil and crisped to your liking.
  4. Finish with a pinch of salt or your favourite herbs and spices.

Croutons can be stored for a few days in an airtight container or good quality zip-top bag.

Keto Breadcrumb – Bringing the Crunch

A keto crumb can turn any baked or fried meat, fish, tofu or veggies, into a crunchy treat. About 3 slices of Heylo Artisan Seeded Bread makes 75g homemade breadcrumbs in just a few easy steps…

  1. Use stale bread or lay flat slices flat on a baking tray.
  2. Bake in a low oven at 140C/120C Fan/Gas 1 for around 10-15 minutes.
  3. Grate the dry bread into a container or whizz through a food processor.
  4. If you want drier, crispier breadcrumbs, spread the crumbs onto the baking tray for 10 more minutes.

Dry breadcrumbs can be stored for several months in a dry, sealed container either at room temperature or in the fridge, then used for a tonne of treats, such as….

  • Mixed berry crumble (easy on the berries)
  • Homemade stuffing
  • Scotch egg coating
  • Homemade cookie mixture (with keto sweetener)
  • Bulking up burger mixtures
  • Cheesy, crispy pasta toppings

But our hands-down favourite way to use keto breadcrumbs is Keto Crunchy Chicken

The moreish crunch in this recipe comes from a mix of Heylo Artisan Seeded Bread breadcrumbs, almond flour and parmesan. Full recipe is available on the Heylo site – here. But to get you started here are some top tips for the most mouth-watering keto chicken we’ve tasted…

Top Tips for Maximum Crunch

  • Don’t be tempted to substitute coconut flour for almond flour. Coconut flour doesn’t absorb well enough to give you the best crunch.
  • Use grated or powdered parmesan, not shredded.
  • Try added seasoning e.g., garlic powder, onion powder or paprika.
  • For juicier meat, use bone-in chicken pieces with the skin on.
  • Use uniformly sized chicken, tofu, fish, or veggies – they’ll cook more evenly.
  • Leave space in between pieces to prevent any unwanted sogginess.
  • Substitute in extra firm tofu if you want a vegan version.

Serve with lime wedges, coleslaw, keto mayonnaise, celeriac fries, keto ketchup or fresh salad and enjoy on their own or as part of a keto feast.

We would love to hear if you enjoy these recipes and ideas, or if you have any of your own favourite keto recipe, please let us know at


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