Meet The Doctor

Meet Dr. Kohilathas, Co-founder of FreeDough

I’m Dr. Eashwarran Kohilathas, an NHS medical doctor and Co-founder of the low-carb, high protein artisan bakery, FreeDough.

I am super excited to be teaming up with the lovely people at We Are Low Carb to bring you regular content that’s both educational and easy to digest! Each month I’ll be writing for the We Are Low Carb blog, helping to debunk the myths around a low-carb lifestyle! I’ll provide you with handy tips and tricks, and shed some light on the conflicting research and opinions that are out there when it comes to the many health benefits of following a keto or low carb diet!

A little bit about me

My true passion as a medical doctor lies in understanding and preventing metabolic diseases and chronic ailments. Over the years, I have encountered many patients who were struggling to lose weight and improve their health following standard medical advice. After a deep delve into root causes, I began to understand that obesity is primarily driven by the consumption of ultra-processed food packed full of refined carbohydrates.

Keen on prevention, nutritional science and lifestyle medicine, I knew the only way to help the wider population was to provide them with highly nutritious, healthy alternatives. And why not start with bread? Everyone’s kryptonite. After pitching the idea to my business partner, Sian, (a marketeer with a love of all things health/fitness/food-related), FreeDough was born.


FreeDough is more than just a bread company. We strive to bring unique products to the market that not only taste great but also help improve the health of our customers. We spend months researching and reading through scientific journals so that we can create the perfect products in our bakery. We always source the best quality ingredients and never use any preservatives. Our bread is freshly baked to order every single time.

I believe that good food fuels the body and that good health is the ultimate freedom, but more importantly, I believe that everyone should have access to the tools to help them live the best lifestyle for their needs.

Stay tuned for my first blog post where I’ll be delving into the whys and hows of embarking on a low-carb/ketogenic lifestyle.

Dr Eashwarran Kohilathas



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