Bread Obssessed

Tired of low-carb bread that doesn't hit the mark on taste, smell and texture? Our bread will act as the key that will unlock the low carb lifestyle for you, so that you can diet deliciously. 

Our bread range offers everything you’d hope from a collection of bakery beauties- the soft chew, the sweet, earthy smell, the undeniable, authentic flavour. The only difference is that our amazing loaves, buns, rolls, subs and bagels all carry just a fraction of the carbs.

Whether trying to follow a strict keto diet or just cutting down on carbs here and there, omaking it a simple pleasure to follow and enjoy.

Get all of Heylo’s low-carb bread products at a discount price (save 5%).

Heylo Bread Obsessed Bundle includes:

Lighter White and Artisan Seeded loaves and rolls, Lighter White subs, cinnamon and raisin bread and sesame bagels