Ultimate Freezer

If you can’t bear to be caught short of keto/low-carb products at any time of day, this bundle has got your back.

This is a serious bundle for serious low carb and keto dieters - make sure you’ve made some space in your fridge/freezer for this one.

We’ve even thrown in 24 delicious sweet keto cookie snacks on top of our amazing store cupboard staples. Our ultimate low carb product collection nets you the best saving - 10% - and means you’ll not be caught short all month!

Ultimate Freezer Bundle includes:

Lighter white loaf (x2), Artisan seeded loaf (x2), 4x Lighter White Subs, 8x Brown rolls, 4x Sesame Bagels, all 3 flavours of our low-carb granola, a jar of low-sugar jam, 12x choc cookies, 12x vanilla cookies.

All our breads will freezer for up to 6 months, and defrost in minutes.