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If you are a committed low-carb or keto dieter who needs to know 100% that you’ll never be without a good selection of low-carb food in your fridge, freezer and pantry, this bundle is for you.

Are you constantly getting caught short without a low-carb staple to come to the rescue? Our breads are perfect for freezing and will last up to 6 months in there. Also included for your pantry: cereals, jam and cookies - all set to last you the whole month.

Get 10% off everything with this bundle.


2 X Lighter White Keto Bread | 300g Loaf
2 X  Lighter White Keto Subs | 4 x 60g Subs
2 X  Artisan Seeded Keto Bread | 450g Loaf
2 X Artisan Seeded Keto Rolls | Pack of 4 x 240g
2 X Sesame Low Carb Bagels | Pack of 2 x 75g
1 X Keto Jam - Strawberry
1 X Choc Keto Cookies | Box of 12
1 X Vanilla Keto Cookies | Box of 12
1 X Granola Bundle x 3 FLAVOURS!