Top Tips

Here are our top tips to help keep you on track with your keto lifestyle

Tips & Tricks

  • Get rid of any non-keto friendly foods. Temptation is everyone’s downfall. Why make it harder for yourself?
  • Don’t be afraid to eat food high in the good fats! We mean cream, grass-fed butter (Kerry’s Gold), cheeses and the lovely fatty bits you get on your Sunday roast! It will feel odd at first but please trust us and trust the process!
  • If you are hungry, eat! And when you feel full, just stop! You can always go back and eat some more later when you get hungry!
  • Take your starting measurements; be that in kilos/lbs or try on a pair of trouser that don’t fit and watch how you slowly fit into them!
  • Do not weigh yourself everyday – once a week is plenty – and we really recommend that after your first month you banish the scales! Who needs them anyway when you start to feel great about yourself?
  • Try and move your body when you can. Now, we are not saying run a marathon every day, but just going for a walk in the fresh air does wonders for how you feel!
  • If you have a day where living low carb just hasn’t happened, don’t beat yourself up about it! Just get back on the horse the next day and, honestly, you will see that one or two days of eating those less than nice carbs won’t throw you off track. This is a long-term lifestyle – not a quick-fix diet!
  • Try and live keto for 12 weeks. This gives you the best chance at getting your body into tip-top, fat-burning condition. Then it’s up to you if you decide to stay “keto” or move into more of a low carb lifestyle.
  • If you are craving a recipe, just google it, but type “keto version” and you will be surprised how many high-carb-to-keto adapted recipes are out there!

So, what does a typical day look like?

  • We highly recommend starting each day with 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in half a glass of water as your first drink of the day. The health benefits are amazing, and it can also help to stabilise your glucose levels so may reduce any cravings. It’s great to get the old constitution moving too!
  • We then advise that you try a spot of intermittent fasting and try and not eat your first meal anywhere between 12-16 hours after your last meal the night before. This gives your gut time to rest and repair. You can have and, we encourage you to, a bullet-proof drink during your fast, as this will give your brain energy! But do not starve yourself. If you feel hungry, have your bullet proof drink or just eat!
  • Then it’s over to you. Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full! Just make sure you stay below 20g net carbs a day. If you go over by a few – no sweat!
  • We love to test our ketones to see if we are in Ketosis. You can easily purchase ketone strips and see what your fat-burning body is up to! Purchase your Ketone Strips here.