Starting a low carb diet

How To Get Started with a Low Carb Lifestyle

With Heylo, 'going low carb' has never been easier... or more delicious! 

After indulging over the Christmas period, you may start to think about adopting a healthier way of eating and set weight-loss related resolutions for the year ahead (we certainly are – now that we’ve finished the last of the Christmas goodies!)

If this sounds familiar and you’re wondering how to get started with eating a low carb diet or want to try keto for the first time, we have some top tips to help you get started and stay on track…

1. Set Clear Goals

Setting specific goals is essential to monitor your progress effectively. How will you know whether you are on track to achieve your objectives if you aren’t sure what your goal is? Being clear about what you want to accomplish also makes it easier to stay motivated, as every step in the right direction (no matter how small) is a step closer to hitting your target weight.

Start by writing down your end goal. This could be how much weight you would like to lose, or if you’d prefer to steer clear of the scales, get a pair of jeans or a dress you’d like to fit into and use this as your target! Whilst you’re at it – take some pictures of your current physique. These are great to look back on so you can see your progress (and looking back will help to keep you motivated!)

Always consider factors like your current weight, age, height, activity level, and any pre-existing medical conditions as you want your goal to be challenging but realistic.

Knowing that your goal is achievable if you put in the work will help you stay committed and stop you from giving up when your initial motivation starts to wear off. Reaching your target weight won’t happen overnight, so don’t feel discouraged if it takes a while to get there. You may experience dramatic weight loss in your first two weeks, and you might look and feel less bloated. This is due to water leaving your body, so don’t be discouraged if your progress becomes steadier after this initial point.

Low carb bread and rolls

2. Track your Progress

Once you have set your goal, your next challenge is to stick to it. Tracking your progress is a great way to stay motivated and see your hard work pay off. Starting to see results (no matter how small) helps you to stay committed to your new lifestyle and keep you on track at times when you might otherwise give in to temptation.

Split your overall weight-loss goal into smaller milestones and plan a non-food reward to look forward to when you hit each one. You may also want to reward yourself the first time you manage to enjoy a meal out or a special occasion while sticking to your new low carb lifestyle.

Remember that it is normal to experience setbacks during your journey. When this happens, the most important thing is not to let yourself give up altogether. Look at your before and after pictures and celebrate your progress so far. Or take the time to reflect on the small goals you have already accomplished.

3. Remove Temptation

Reduce the risk of reaching for foods that are high in carbs when you feel stressed, tired, or run down by removing any of these foods from your home. By donating your high-carb foods to family, friends, or even a food bank, you are helping others while also reducing the risk of giving in to temptation and ruining your efforts.

Remember that most people don’t overeat because they are hungry. They overeat because they are tempted. So, when you experience cravings for high-carb foods, get used to reaching for a keto-friendly alternative instead. Even when you’re craving a typically high carb meal, there are plenty of alternatives (including pasta, bread and pizza dough) that will satisfy your cravings while ensuring you stick with your new lifestyle.

Low carb bread

4. Enjoy The Best Low Carb Food Staples

Eating keto doesn’t have to mean depriving yourself of your favourite foods. Stock up on our delicious range of breads and keep them in your pantry / fridge / freezer so you always have a simple, tasty low carb meal ready to enjoy.

Switching to low carb is a lifestyle rather than a fad diet.

5. Join Our Low Carb Community

Starting a new keto or low carb lifestyle can be a little daunting. But you needn’t go it alone. Our Facebook community, will allow you to connect with like-minded individuals and share tips, advice, and progress.

Becoming part of the keto and low carb community will help keep you on track and means you have support at your fingertips on days when sticking to your new lifestyle feels more challenging than usual.


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