Heylo Real Life Success Stories & Transformations

At Heylo, we love to hear and share real life stories of fellow community members following a low carb lifestyle.

We’ve found that there are a number of different reasons to live low carb, from medical necessity such as diabetes to training for endurance sports.

The main reason that always jumps out at us is to simply lose weight, regain control of unhealthy eating habits and just feel better in themselves.

We are big believers in ditching the dreaded scales, so hearing about all the great NSV (non-scale-victories) our customers achieve makes us feel very inspired!


Living Low-carb: 1 year

Why did I start?

Fed up of yo-yo dieting, wanted to feel healthy and enjoy wearing my clothes again!


Can now run 8km without stopping, wearing my old Levi jeans, feeling happy (most days!) and of course starting our company – Heylo!


Living Low-carb: 4 Weeks

Why did I start?

I have tried many diets but counting calories is not for me and doesn’t work for me. Low carb seemed a good choice.


My stomach is a lot less bloated; my hands are not as swollen and best of all I’m not constantly hungry.


Living Low-carb: 2 Weeks

Why did I start?

I’ve recently put weight on due to not moving as much during lockdown and just generally eating lots of high carb foods. My wife starting to follow a low carb lifestyle plan and I saw that she lost weight, so I decided to join her.


I have a lot more energy even after just 2 weeks and am really enjoying the food, not having to worry about portion size or counting calories.


Living Low-carb: 8 months

Why did I start?

I’d put on too much weight and didn’t feel good about how I looked anymore. My girlfriend wanted to try this way of eating so I said I would join her and haven’t looked back!


Feeling slim and trim and not having to worry about what to eat all the time as my hunger has decreased significantly.


Living Low-carb: 7 months

Why did I start?

I started in December 2021 at 21.5 stone and 7 months later on the keto diet, I’m down to 12.5 stone! I was a big bread eater and really struggled until I found Heylo. Knowing I can still eat bread makes this lifestyle so much easier.


A happier and healthier life!