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With Heylo, can I eat bread on a low carb diet?

Yes! Heylo’s bread products are perfect for low carb diets:

Artisan Seeded loaf - 0.3g carbs per slice.
Lighter White -  1.5g carbs per slice.
Sesame Bagels - 6.7g carbs per bagel.
Artisan Seeded Rolls - 5.1g carbs per roll.
Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf - 4.1g carbs per slice.

How are carbohydrates calculated? What is the difference between ‘net carbs’ and ‘total carbs’?

For those wondering, in the UK the Total Carbohydrates are calculated based only on the starch and sugar content found in the ingredient/product. In the US, the Total Carbohydrates would also include fibre within this calculation.

In both countries cases, if a sweetener is used, it’s carbohydrates can also be included in the total carbs, but in the case of polyol sweeteners like erythritol, it can be deducted from the total to give the end user a ‘net carb’ total.

It’s slightly confusing and current labelling laws are a bit unhelpful in this regard! We will endeavour to make it as clear as possible for our customers.

Is Heylo tested for its carbohydrate totals (and all other nutritional information)?

All our products are produced in BRC (British Retail Consortium) certified bakeries and are tested and calculated by trusted industry professionals.

We have also had some of our flagship bread products independently lab-tested by SugarWise, who have awarded all products sent with numerous low-carb and low sugar accreditations.

Who are Sugarwise?

Sugarwise is the international authority for sugar related claims, with more than 500 products certified, that are shipping in 70 countries across Europe, Australia, Canada, the US, China, and the Middle East.

The SUGARWISE marque is the trusted and recognised sign guaranteeing that any sugar related claims  have been independently verified, and that a product or menu item is low in any of the sugars or sweeteners people need to limit, referencing World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines.

Check out their site here

You’ll see a number of our products carrying various Sugarwise logos - and in the fullness of time, this will roll out across all our products.

So, can I eat bread on a Keto diet with a more strictly controlled intake of carbs?

Yes… If trying to limit your carb intake to below 20-30g per day, our Seeded Loaf and Lighter White would give you the most leeway here. It’s also worth noting that our bagels are huge and half a bagel would still provide a satisfying base for a keto breakfast at just 3.4g carbs.

Is your low-carb bread suitable for diabetics?

Our bread is reliably low in sugar and carbs and so depending on your relationship with your blood sugar management and the advice given by your healthcare professional, Heylo might well be suitable for your needs.

Is it really the best low carb bread?

We truly believe we offer the most amazing, compromise-free bread options for low-carb and keto dieters. Our customers tend to agree too - no other low-carb bread tastes, smells and feels as good as Heylo. We have worked hard not only to satisfy your nutritional needs, but also your enjoyment of the products themselves.

Storage and shelf life. Can your low carb bread be frozen?

Currently, upon receipt of your Heylo bread, you should store it in your fridge to ensure it retains its freshness. 

If not planning to eat within 3-5 days, you should find space for it in your freezer. Here it will last for months and can not only be taken out and defrosted quickly, it also toasts perfectly from frozen.

Can Heylo bread be toasted like regular bread?

Use Heylo’s bread products exactly as you would normal bread. Toast it, grill it, fry it, crumb it, make croutons, make bread and butter puddings - any recipe or technique that works for ordinary bread works for our keto and low carb products. Check out our recipe section for low-carb and keto bread inspiration.

So it really is a game changing keto product? 

We really believe so, yes - all our products offer a uniquely high quality taste, texture and functionality alongside its nutritional composition.

And is Heylo bread vegan-friendly too?

Our lighter white product is not, but all other Heylo brand bread products that we sell are vegan-friendly.

Is it gluten free?

Alas - our current range of breads does not include a gluten free option, but watch this space!

Why are your low carb bread slices smaller than regular bread?

Our low carb slices are a little smaller in 'size' than regular bread slices. But, they weigh much the same and come well-packed with protein and fibre, which will satisfy your appetite and keep you fuller for longer than any regular slice!

That said, we are working hard in our bakery to overcome the challenges posed by using low-carb ingredients and cooking methods to develop new recipes that will rise in the same way as regular bread so that a slice will have the same surface area as the slice from a standard loaf.

Why are yours (and all) low carb bread products more expensive?

The simple answer is because it costs so much more to manufacture. From ingredients, to baking methods, to not being able to produce at scale in the same way as regular bread is, our prices reflect where we are right now in terms of the lowest price we can offer!

We’ve gone into detail on this issue here

What happens if my parcel is late or goes missing?

In the unlikely event of a delivery issue, we will work hard to solve the problem to ensure you receive goods quickly and in tip top condition.

What happens if I don’t like the product?

We want our customers to love our products, if you do not like one of our products then please get in touch with the team, so we can replace it with another item to try.