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Low Carb dieting: Let's have a health reset this January!

Enjoy a low carb diet with Heylo.. and have a health kick that tastes amazing.

If you’ve enjoyed a Christmas of over-indulgence and feel like you need a reset, this is the perfect time to begin your health kick. With the kids back to school and holidays out of the way, routines slot back into place and those little windows of you-time become available once more.

Small, but significant lifestyle changes you make now can put you in good stead for the year, but that doesn’t have to mean missing out on the good things in life. By enjoying Heylo as part of a healthy diet, you can continue to eat the foods you love, whilst cutting back on carbs and maintaining high levels of protein and fibre - the good stuff we all need when hitting the reset button.

Start your low-carb diet health kick now! 5 tips to reset YOUR health this January

Don’t do anything drastic - even though they’re set with the best of intentions, big changes often aren’t sustainable, especially when it comes to your diet. We’re all about making smart switches when it comes to food that will last forever. Concentrate on getting plenty of (lower-carb) fruit and veg, up your protein and fibre and enjoy delicious meals (such as the keto-friendly fried chicken in our header image) that'll you'll want to come back to again and again. 

Meal plan - getting prepped ahead of time with a great meal plan can really be the key to success when it comes to making good choices with food. If you have a busy week ahead, use some of the time at the weekend to batch cook and freeze in portions to make mealtimes a breeze. If you need some inspiration, check out our recipes!

Low carb bread croutons

Move more - set a step challenge this January and get your friends involved. Or, join a low carb community online and share your progress there! Whether it’s 10k steps a day or slightly more, make it something you can realistically achieve and get moving. If you’re struggling to get steps in, set your alarm 15 minutes early and head out for a quick stroll before you start your day or allow time to walk the journeys you would usually drive or catch public transport.

Eat plenty of fibre - here at Heylo, we love fibre and the benefits of a fibre-rich diet. Fibre-packed foods will keep you feeling satisfied and fuller for longer, and they can also improve your gut health and control your blood sugar levels. In the UK, it’s recommended that we consume 30g of fibre per day, so including Heylo products in your daily meals will massively contribute towards your target!

Low carb bagels with pesto eggs

Make sleep a priority - it’s easy to neglect your sleep but in reality, it’s one of the most important things our bodies need in order to function as best they can. A good night’s sleep (every night, not just once) will keep your immune system strong, reduce stress and look after your mental wellbeing - just to name a few! Sleep can also help you to maintain a healthy weight and if you’re feeling well rested, you’re sure to make better choices throughout the day.

Where to buy low carb bread

This January, make Heylo your one-stop show for low-carb bread and bakery products. We'll be adding new products throughout the year and your old favourites - loaves, bagels, rolls and more will always be in ready supply! Click here, or the image below to head to our shop. 
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