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Come for the Diet - Stay for incredibly tasty and easy to maintain keto lifestyle!


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Start your keto 2024 with Heylo and give yourself the best chance to stick to and enjoy the ketogenic lifestyle right the way through the year.

Heylo: Delicious Breads with Benefits

  • The tastiest keto bread on the market (from 0.3g of carbs per slice)
  • Looks, smells and tastes just like normal bread - make your keto lifestyle maintainable by making it tasty.
  • Our starter pack contains 1 of each of our best-selling loaves.
  • Use Heylo's delicious bread to fill up without the carbs at breakfast and lunch, leaving you plenty of leeway for the rest of the day.
  • Heylo’s bread is not only keto-friendly — it also contains plenty of protein and fibre - huge benefits for the health-conscious foodie. Add your own choice of fats to make your keto diet sing in 2024.



1x Heylo Artisan Seeded Loaf (0.3g carbs per slice)

1x Heylo Lighter White Loaf (1g of carbs per slice)


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 Fun facts
  • Over 300 million slices of bread sold to our amazing customers.
  • Compared to standard bread, that’s saved those customers over SIX BILLION grams of carbs!!



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