Keto Friendly Foods

Need a little help selecting the best keto-friendly foods at your local supermarket? Well here are the low-carb foods which Heylo recommends so you can live your best keto and low carb life.

Staples to buy on a Keto Diet

  • If you like milk in your hot drinks, we recommend a small amount of Arla lactose-free whole milk, as it has half the carbs of normal whole milk.
  • Butter
  • Cream (stay away from anything containing rapeseed oil) but everything else: sour, double, whipping and even clotted!
  • Low carb veggies – avocado if you like it and swede and celeriac to make fries with – our daily saviour!
  • Meat and fish.
  • If you simply can’t live without bread, we have an amazing low carb alternative which you can buy here.
  • Nuts, and yes, we rather like KP’s salted and dry-roasted nuts!
  • Sliced meats to nibble on or paté.
  • Cheese – especially cream cheese, as it is used a lot to make anything from pancakes to microwave mug cakes.
  • Cheese dips (shop-bought) or sour cream and chive dips. Just read the carb contents!
  • Almond and coconut flour to bake with for sweet and savoury.
  • Bicarb of soda and baking powder.
  • Sweeteners 
  • MCT powder and/or oil.
  • Collagen.
  • Electrolytes or google a make-at-home version that uses Himalayan salt and a bit of lemon!
  • Eggs.

What about Alcohol on Keto?

Now, we know that we shouldn’t be encouraging you to drink, but if you like a glass of wine or two, we would advise not cutting it out of your life completely. What’s a life if you can’t live your best one?

Perhaps try and abstain from alcohol for your first 4 weeks and then treat yourself to a small drink over the weekend?

Stick to:

  • Clean spirits – i.e. not flavoured, with a diet mixer or sugar-free tonic such as “Gally Bird”.
  • Dry white, red or rosè wines.
  • Dry fizz.
  • Sorry, no beer, cider or stouts!
  • Home-made Baileys or eggnog keto-style are all in!