Side Effects

Now we’d be lying if we didn’t tell you about some of the side effects to watch out for and how to help reduce them!

The dreaded “keto flu”

Usually occurs in the first 2 weeks, and the good news is that it’s not contagious or dangerous and is only temporary. By day 3 – 5 of your new lifestyle, you may feel tired, grumpy, nauseous and headachy – all because you are weaning yourself off the sugar your body has been surviving on for years!

To help it on its way, you could try taking a daily electrolyte supplement from the get-go and drink water regularly throughout the day. Seasoning your food with pink salt could also help and is rather tasty! Click here to buy your Electrolytes.

Will my hair thin?

Now, this doesn’t need to sound as scary as it does. Some people say it affects them worse than others. Some even say their hair thickens! We would recommend taking a daily collagen supplement, which can easily be added to your smoothie, hot drink, milk or to spice up your Greek yoghurt! Click here to buy our fantastic tasting Keto Collagen Range.

Keeping Regular

You may find yourself a bit constipated at first. Apple cider vinegar in the morning and some chai or flaxseeds in your smoothie or Greek yogurt will sort that problem no end!

What – A whole new wardrobe?

We often hear that a new wardrobe becomes a must as the pounds start to melt away and you can fit into a smaller dress size or back into that favourite outfit you have been waiting for!