Low Carb Viking Toast

6g net carbs per portion

Our low-carb version of the viral sensation.

As far as comfort foods go, cheese on toast is hard to beat. Our low-carb variation on the latest viral craze, Viking Toast, is no different in that respect. Not only is it incredibly simple and quick to make, but it’s also a satisfying, warming taste of home.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or even as a quick no-fuss supper, this twist on cheese on toast makes for a savoury treat any time of the day.

Time Required
10 mins



  • Fry the sliced onion in a little oil over a medium heat until soft.
  • Once cooked, combine the onion with the cheese, milk, worcester sauce, egg yolk and mustard in a bowl.
  • Under a grill, toast one side of your Heylo Seeded Artisan Bread. Then turn and add the cheese mixture and grill until the cheese mix is golden and bubbling. Serve au natural or alongside a simple salad.