Low carb bacon sandwich

Are you in search of low-carb lifestyle motivation?

Well, have we got some inspo for you!

Whether its finding the perfect replacement bread that will give you your low-carb bacon butty back, or a life-changing health improvement, this is the place to find a little spark of joy and inspiration. If you are anything like us, your heart will be warmed by some of the Heylo successes below.

Of course, 'success' takes many forms. If you are looking for motivation in any area, you've got it here - we've categorised the successes under their own sub-headings. And hey, if these guys can make a success of things, then so can all of us!

Life changing low-carb bread in the UK…

'This bread has changed my life, sounds dramatic I know, but I would have given up on this keto journey if I hadn't discovered this absolute gem! Tastes amazing especially toasted with eggs and avocado. YUM!'
Abigail, UK

'Heylo you have literally saved my life. Within 4 months of low carb eating and using multiple Heylo products I have reversed my type 2 diabetes. My HbA1c levels were dangerously high at 97. They are now at a healthy 41 thanks to your delicious products. Thank you'
Lorna, Sunderland, UK

Best Low carb White bread

Keto bread that’s just like normal bread!

'I’ve tried many keto low carb breads but this one is by far my favourite, it actually is like just eating normal bread. I love the texture.'
Joanne, London, UK

'This bread is amazing… tastes like normal white bread!!! 5 star rating!'
Sam, UK

Weight Loss with Heylo

'I have now reached my weight goal of 9 stone doing Keto. Thank you We Are Heylo for being part of my weight loss success. At my largest I weighed 13 stone. It is so nice to feel sexy at 62.'
Linda, Facebook

'I am so glad I found Heylo, I have loved all the products I've tried so far and the best thing is that I know I will have lost weight when I go to see my GP later this month.'
Mags, Liverpool, UK

'I love these they allow me to eat bread without gaining weight every time i do… fantastic product.'
Maria, UK

Keto sandwich

Are you missing bacon butties? Make them low-carb with Heylo…

'This bread is amazing. One thing on keto I was missing was a nice bacon sandwich and this bread just tastes like normal white bread!!! Really nice texture 100% will keep buying 5 star rating!'
Samantha, UK

Sceptical about low carb/keto bread? Not anymore - bring on the bacon!

'Yes, I was sceptical as I'd not found a low carb bread that could compete with the usual full carb bread as we know it. Well, Heylo appears to have developed just that, an absolute game changer in the low carb bread world. THANK YOU! My low carb / keto journey which has been a difficult one at times, can continue without me feeling deprived, or the need to wobble off track. Bacon & egg banjos as a treat without the guilt, bring it on!'
Suzanne Deveney, Dornoch, UK

Keto and blood sugars/diabetes

'Heylo has made a difference to my life as I can now enjoy things such as hot dogs, filled subs etc without putting my blood sugars up. They taste delicious as well, much better than normal bread imo. Thank you Heylo for bringing us such good keto products :)'
Valerie, Gloucester UK

'The best ever!! Love this thank you so much!! Being Diabetic and still able to enjoy bread minus the Carbs 😉 THE BEST EVER COMPANY!!'
Tanya, UK

'Absolutely love your bread. I'm diabetic and need to watch carb intake and this is perfect for me. It does not spike my blood sugar and toasts really well too.'
Emma, Facebook

Low-carb for improved health

'Love it! Helps me to stick to being Low Carb for health reasons…'
Anonymous, Glasgow UK.

'Thank you We Are Heylo… I have experienced a lot more reprieves from Fybromyalgia flare -ups and have far less fatigue.'
Linda, Facebook

'Amazing option for those who love bread but want to keep a healthy diet. Great taste and texture! Fully recommend this bagels and any of the the other bakery products from Heylo!'
Maria, Manama, Bahrain 

best quality Low carb bread

​​Find the best keto bread with Heylo!

'I've stopped all other bread subscriptions and purchases from other shops, there's no comparison to this bread. Some days I almost forget I'm on a low carb eating plan!'
​​Andrea, Nottingham, UK

'Up there as perhaps the best Keto bread I've had. Tried a few now. Easily recommended.'
Simon, UK

'Simply the best!'
Marian, UK 

Low-carb family meals 

'Got my order today - my little boy loves them. Been trying him on your low carb products and he doesn't even notice they are different. Love Heylo xx.''
Sibusisiwe, UK.

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