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Why low carb bread costs more than its regular counterpart

Understanding the value of Heylo's low carb range of breads. 

Heylo's bread products are all low carb, high fibre and high protein. Made using a unique blend of ingredients, they have been created to satisfy those looking for a healthy and maintainable diet/lifestyle while still enjoying delicious, no-compromise-on-taste food.

We are often asked why we cost more than standard products found in supermarkets. Well, like many low carb / high protein foods, ours are certainly more expensive than regular products. Low-carb products often require specialist ingredients or different baking and manufacturing processes, which can contribute to higher production costs. Ingredients like our specialist flours, or alternative sweeteners are much more expensive than traditional flour or sugar. Additionally, the general demand for low-carb items is lower, leading to economies of scale that favour traditional products, which can also impact the pricing of low-carb options like Heylo.

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The price of low-carbing properly | What does Heylo cost?

Here is a breakdown of some of our prices:

Artisan Seeded Loaf - £4.29 (per loaf)
Lighter White Loaf - £4.19 (per loaf)
Seeded Bagels - £3.69 (2 x 75g bagels)
Low carb seeded rolls - £3.99 (4 x Rolls)
Lighter White Rolls - £3.89 (4 x Rolls)
Lighter White Subs - £3.89 (4 x Subs)
Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf - £4.49 (per loaf)

As ever, there is a reduced price subscription and there and other regular ways to save available (more below).

Now look at the cost of regularly bought, single serve food/beverage items, we don’t often think twice about paying for…

Takeaway coffee - £3.40 (average price taken from FreshGround)
Beer - £4.47(Average price taken from ThisIsMoney)
175ml glass of wine - £4.22 (average price taken from Statista)
Protein snack bar - £2.85 (Grenade, Cookies & Cream bar RRP)
Deli chain sandwich - £4.50  (Pret-a-Manger, Ham and cheese)
Takeaway pizza - £12.99 (Dominos, small/9.5 inch Margherita)

As you can see from the short list above, what is and isn’t seen as value for money is all about perception. Most of these products are made with relatively cheap ingredients and via largely traditional manufacturing/production processes, yet are charging a huge premium for their consumption. It is worth noting that aside from the protein bar, none of the above products offer much in the way of specific health benefits; they are just accepted at the price point they are offered. 

Heylo bread is different. It is both incredibly low in carbs AND comes with its own incredible additional health benefits. More importantly, unlike many low-carb and healthier products, has been created with taste at the very forefront. 

So where can I buy Heylo??

Heylo is available from our dedicated online shop. For maximum benefits and the best price, taking out a no-strings-attached, cancel anytime subscription, is your best bet. 

Buying in bulk is another option to save - check out our bundles here.

You can even get your hands on a FREE loaf, buy using our refer-a-friend scheme!

Also, for exclusive offers and great free content, news and recipes, you should sign up to our mailing list via the form on our home page. 

Beyond our own site, we are also available on Amazon!

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Low carb bread that is made with love

The team here love the product we sell and we believe that our unique product is worth every penny. If you are looking to eat delicious, comforting, no-compromise food while enjoying a healthy, happy, low-carb lifestyle, then Heylo holds endless value for you.

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