Low Carb Bagel Bites With Dip

0.7g carbs

Low carb bagel bites: The keto snackers choice!

Crispy, crunchy keto snacks aren't the easiest to come by, but you can very quickly make your own using Heylo's bagels. If you have an air fryer, its quicker still, but they can be made in a normal oven too.

Heylo's bagels are not just low in carbohydrates - they are also high in protein and fibre, giving this quick snacks even more healthy benefits and making them perfect for beating between-meal hunger pangs.

We have served with a peri-naise dip (equal parts peri-peri sauce and mayonnaise), which is a perfect keto accompaniment.

Time Required
10 mins



  • Preheat your air fryer or oven to about 200C
  • Slice your bagel into thin circular pieces
  • In a bowl, mix the bagel pieces with the oil, parmesan and thyme. The oil should help the other ingredients stick - but you may need to press it on firmly
  • Place in your pre-heated oven and cook until golden brown and crispy. Serve with a peri-naise dip and share with a friend