Low Carb Bagel | New York Deli Style

3g carbs

A low carb bagel option that tastes like pure indulgence

For just 3g of carbs, thanks to Heylo's Low Carb Seeded Bagels, you can be enjoying the most delicious and satisfying lunch or dinner - New York style! Ready in minutes, this hot sandwich is guaranteed to delight.

Where to buy low carb bagels?

It's simple! Just head to our shop or, if your prefer, Amazon. Alongside our bagels, you'll find a range of low carb and keto bread to help make your diet/lifestyle maintainable and enjoyable.

Time Required
5-10 minutes



  • Half your bagel lengthways and toast it
  • On a plate, arrange your slices of pastrami with the cheese slice on top and micro wave for around 30 seconds
  • Smear your toasted bagel with the mayo and carefully transfer the meat and cheese onto your bagel with a fishslice
  • Add pickles if using and serve