Keto Bread Crumbs | Fried Chicken

2.5g carbs

Turn your low carb bread into a crumb for FRIED CHICKEN!

It's simpler than you'd think and a fun recipe for you and your family to make and enjoy. By blitzing our Lighter White into a crumb in a food processor, you create an amazing ingredient with which to coat chicken, fish - even cheeses (deep fried brie anyone?) ! We've gone with the classic fried chicken here, but feel free to experiment.

(Tip - boneless meat will cook much quicker than bone-in)

Head to our shop to grab your lighter white and you could be frying up a batch very soon!

Time Required
30 minues
Easy - Medium



  • In a food processor, whizz up your bread to a crumb
  • Break your egg to a bowl and beat it. Add seasoning then add the chicken.
  • Add the crumbs to another bowl and take your chicken from the egg and place in the crumbs. Gently roll the crumbs over and then when covered, pat down a little so they stick well.
  • You can repeat the 2 steps above for a thicker crust if desired!
  • In a shallow pan, heat up your oil over a medium flame - you'll need the oil to be about 2cm deep.
  • Once hot and ready for frying carefully place in your chicken. Leave for a few minutes until golden brown and carefully turn over.
  • Once golden all over - leave on a rack rest a few minutes (the chicken will continue to cook) or transfer to a hot oven while you fry another piece.