Low Carb Burger


Nothing beats our Lighter White low carb rolls for a keto friendly burger !

Our amazing Lighter White Rolls replace the traditional high-carb bread with an amazing, no compromise low-carb bread alternative.

Pick your favourite burger and load up exactly as you'd like with all your favourite ingredients and sauces (careful of the more sugary ones if following strict keto). The carbs below represent the burger, bun, cheese and salad, before adding any ketchup.

Time Required
15 mins



  • In a frying pan, cook your burger to your liking in a little oil. Once cooked take out to rest for a moment.
  • If adding cheese, put this on the burger in the pan and place a lid over the pan for the last minute of cooking to melt it.
  • When the burger is resting, quickly toast your low carb roll in the same pan.
  • Assemble with salad and sauces of your choice.