Low Carb Hot Dog

3.5g of carbs per roll (plus your sausage and toppings)

Indulge in a classic American favourite with our irresistible low carb hot dog recipe!

This simple yet delicious creation is perfect for those seeking a quick and satisfying meal. From the savoury, grilled hot dog nestled in a soft, fluffy low carb bun, to the customisable toppings that cater to your taste buds, our low carb hot dogs will bring smiles to the whole family. CHeck out our amazing low carb hot dog buns that are the real magic behind the recipe

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1 (scale up as needed)
Time Required
20 minutes



  • Fire up your grill or, even better, bbq and cook your sausages
  • While the sausage cooks, make a slit across the length of your roll
  • Prepare any toppings. We went with a handful of crispy onions, low sugar ketchup and a touch of mustard.