Low Carb Mug Cake With Blueberries and Granola

5.5g carbs

This low carb mug cake is much like a breakfast muffin, but would be equally at home as dessert!

Combining Heylo's granola (we've gone with Honeycomb) and our low carb white bread (blitzed into crumbs), you can make this microwave mug-cake in moments.

You'll only need a few ingredients AND a few spare moments to pull this off and the taste is utterly divine. Whether you have it as a low carb breakfast or dessert is completely up to you.

Time Required
10 minutes



  • Mix all the ingredients (apart from the granola) in a bowl
  • Line the base of a mug with a small circle of baking paper
  • Drop in the granola and then top with the cake mix
  • Microwave in the mug for 2 mins and then allow to stand for 1 minute more
  • Serve with either cream, yoghurt or creme fraiche