Low carb pancakes (American Style

3g carbs

Keto pancakes - soft, fluffy and delicious

Thick and fluffy, these pancakes are much more like American-style pancakes - otherwise known as drop-scones, as opposed to thin crepe-like versions more traditionally served in the UK. Lightly sweetened and made with our Lighter White bread (crumbed) hey are yet another fantastic breakfast option from Heylo's growing recipe catalogue. 

Note - you will need a non-stick pan for his recipe. 

Time Required
10-15 mins



  • Turn your bread into crumbs in a food processor or nutri-bullet
  • In a bowl, mix the crumbs, beaten egg, baking powder, sweetener and milk thoroughly. You should have a thick, nearly cake like batter (you can do all this in a Nutri-bullet/liquidiser for a smooth batter).
  • Melt a knob of butter in a non stick pan (or use oil) and fry the batter on a medium to high heat
  • Loosen and flip half way
  • Serve with anything you like - we went with berries, creme fraiche and low sugar syrup