Low Carb Party Sandwich Spread

Low carb lunches with friends? Why not present them a party platter!

Unlike the cold buffets of old, a spread of sandwiches made with Heylo's range is a low-carb treasure trove, offering delicious variety coupled with low-carb and keto-friendly credentials.

Less a recipe than a simple serving suggestion - what you include on yours is completely up to you. We'll give you a rough example, but don't feel the need to stick to it rigidly, other than be sure to serve a selection of Heylo breads to ensure maximum bready-taste and minimum carbs.

Time Required
25 minutes



  • Arrange all the filling ingredients on a big platter or board.
  • If using avocado be sure to coat with lemon juice to preserve its colour
  • Slice your Heylo breads ready for your guests.
  • Serve and have fun!