Low Carb Bagels with Avocado, Eggs and Kimchi

5g carbs

This is not only a wonderfully tasty breakfast that so happens to be incredibly low carb (thanks largely to Heylo’s Bagels), it's also a gut health powerhouse.

Healthy Gut and low carb breakfast

The combination of the high fibre in (Heylo) bread products and the fermented Kimchi, means this is the perfect breakfast for promoting a healthy and happy gut biome.

The recipe couldn’t be quicker or easier, so definitely give this amazing low carb, high fibre breakfast a whirl!

Time Required
10 minutes



  • Bring a pan of water to a simmer. Break your eggs in and gently poach until cooked to your liking
  • While the eggs poach, toast your bagel
  • Slice your avocado (or mash it up).
  • Butter the bagel when ready, then assemble the layers - Avocado, then eggs and the kimchi either on the side or on top of the eggs.