Ultimate Tuna Mayo Rolls

5g carbs

Tuna mayo rolls and sandwiches are a classic for a reason - minimum fuss and maximum flavour - made in minutes. Using our low-carb rolls, you can enjoy this lovely lunchtime treat on a low carb and ketogenic diet and enjoy bread that tastes just like the real thing! 

Delicious low carb lunch inspiration

To make this the ultimate tuna mayo rolls, we are gilding the lilly a little with additional capers, lemon juice and spring onions in with the tuna and mayo mix. Little tweaks that make a big flavour difference, making this a fantastic recipe to try!

Time Required
10 minutes



  • Simple - Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and serve on your low-carb roll.
  • You can try other delicious additions too - cheese, herbs, crispy onion flakes... mix and match to suit your tastes.