Low carb bread

Low carb breads to maintain your lifestyle all year

Low carb bread from Heylo means you should never have to miss out on the foods you love!

We know that when you're trying to stick to a low carb 'diet' beyond January, one of the hardest things is having to restrict or compromise on the foods you love. For keto and low-carb lovers, bread is one of the main sticking points - especially for those new to or even recently returning to a low-carb lifestyle.

That's why we continue to grow and grow our range of delicious low-carb breads - so that you can enjoy a variety of different meals and taste experiences, without feeling that fear of missing out
Low carb bread

Low carb shop - what's in!

If you haven't been in our shop lately, or are new to Heylo, let us briefly break down the range as it stands. In no particular order...
1️⃣ Artisan Seeded Loaf: This one is made for toasting to bring out its incredible, nutty, wholemeal flavour, but is just as good as a sandwich bread straight out of the pack. Just 0.3g carbs per slice.
2️⃣ Lighter White Loaf: Our authentic-tasting lighter white bread is just 1g carbs per slice. Don't miss out on classic bacon butties and more with this versatile loaf!, 
3️⃣ Keto Bagels: Generously sized low-carb bagels that are screaming out to be toasted and smeared in cream cheese Just 1.4g carbs and PACKED with protein and fibre.
4️⃣ Low Carb Pizza Bases: New for 2024! Our hand-crafted bases are super-tasty and have the perfect crisp texture, AND they are just 5g of carbs per base.  
5️⃣ Cinnamon and Raisin Loaf: A sweeter low carb bread treat that’s perfect as a breakfast, snack or even pudding. Delicately spiced and dotted with raisins, this is comfort in a toasted slice (4.1g carbs per slice).
6️⃣ Lighter White Rolls and Subs: Burgers, Hotdogs or just a more substantial sandwich - a firm favourite of BBQ lovers. 3.5g carbs per roll/sub.
7️⃣ Artisan Seeded Rolls: We’ve got the most amazing low-carb seeded rolls - great for packed lunches & sausage sarnies! 5.1g carbs & full of protein and fibre!
The list above is just a snapshot of where we are at now - we've got SO much more planned for you as the year goes on, so keep checking our shop!
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Low carb bread
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