Low carb white bread

Best low carb white bread in the UK? Ask our customers!

Low carb sliced white bread that tastes like the real thing

Just like the soft white bread we all grew up enjoying, Heylo authentic-tasting lighter white bread is soft, tasty, moreish and just loves butter... and maybe even a rasher or three of bacon.

AND, despite all those delicious taste benefits, we've managed to make it incredibly low carb! At just 1g of carbs per slice, you can enjoy all the benefits of a low carb diet, but still be whisked back to your youth via a sandwich or two! 

Low carb white toast (breakfast with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs)

A short history of white bread

In ancient Egypt, bread was a symbol of prestige, while the Romans sieved their flour to produce a finer, whiter bread. However, throughout the Middle Ages, white bread remained a luxury, accessible only to the wealthy due to the labor-intensive process of milling flour and sieving it.

The Industrial Revolution marked a turning point for white bread. Technological advancements in milling made flour refinement more efficient, making white bread accessible to a broader population. The invention of the roller mill in the late 19th century significantly increased flour production, leading to mass-produced, affordable white bread.

By the early 20th century, white bread became a staple in many households due to its affordability and longer shelf life. It was heavily marketed as a symbol of modernity and cleanliness, contrasting it with the coarser, traditional whole grain bread.

However, as time progressed, criticisms emerged about the nutritional deficiencies of white bread compared to whole grain varieties, leading to a resurgence of interest in whole grain and artisanal bread in recent years. Today, while white bread remains popular, there’s a growing awareness of the nutritional benefits of whole grains, influencing preferences and consumption patterns.

The nutritional benefits of our low-carb bread

It's occasionally pointed out that our low carb slices are a little smaller in 'size' than regular bread slices. But, they weigh much the same and, more importantly come well-packed with protein and fibre, which will satisfy your appetite and keep you fuller for longer than any regular slice! 

So it's not just what we've taken out (the carbs)... it's that we've added ingredients that boost and enrich our bread's nutritional composition, giving you a healthier, more wholesome slice.

White low carb bread

Why is your white keto bread more expensive?

The simple answer is because it costs so much more to manufacture. From ingredients, to baking methods, to not being able to produce at scale in the same way as regular bread is, our prices reflect where we are right now in terms of the lowest price we can offer! We’ve gone into detail on this issue here.

What are the reviews like then?

Well, on Reviews.io, we get an average 4.6 stars out of 5 (that pesky 0.4... you can't please all the people all the time!). On our socials and in our community group, our customers just love it too. Here's a selection of comments from Reviews.io:

Best Low carb bread
Best keto bread

UKs best low carb bread

UK's best keto bread

Where can I buy low carb bread like this? 

Right here of course, in our shop. It's not just white bread - though we have plenty of that in the form of sliced loaves, rolls and subs. We have a whole range of incredible and varied products. Go and check it out today - we promise you won't regret it! 


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