Low carb bread

Low Carb Bread | Can I eat bread and achieve weight loss?

Low carb and weight loss come hand in hand. But can I lose weight and eat bread? Let us show you how...

When it comes to weight loss, low-carbohydrate diets have gained significant attention due to their efficacy in aiding weight loss. These dietary regimes, characterised by reduced intake of carbs while often increasing protein and fat consumption, have sparked widespread interest and debate within the health and fitness communities.

Keto and weight loss

One of the primary ways in which low-carb diets help with weight loss is by altering the body’s metabolic processes. Carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy, and their restriction prompts a metabolic shift towards utilising stored fat for fuel. By strictly limiting carb intake, the body enters a state of ketosis, where it produces ketones from fat breakdown for energy, subsequently aiding in fat loss.

Reducing your insulin levels with a low carb diet

Insulin, a hormone released in response to carbohydrate consumption, also plays a crucial role. Lowering your carb intake reduces insulin levels, leading to decreased fat storage and an environment more suited to burning stored fat. Consequently, individuals adhering to low-carb diets often experience improved fat loss, especially in the abdominal region, where excess fat is linked to various health risks.

Low carb bread toastie

Low carb diets and appetite

Moreover, low-carb diets have shown an ability to reduce appetite and overall calorie intake. Foods rich in carbohydrates tend to cause rapid spikes and subsequent drops in blood sugar levels, leading to increased hunger and cravings. By moderating these fluctuations through controlled carb consumption, individuals often report feeling fuller for longer periods, leading to reduced calorie consumption and, subsequently, weight loss.

Another initial effect of low-carb diets is the loss of water weight. Carbohydrates in the body bind to water molecules; hence, when carb intake decreases, the body sheds water weight rapidly. Although this initial drop on the scale is not indicative of pure fat loss, it can serve as motivation and a catalyst for continued adherence to the diet.

How can I eat bread on a low carb diet then?

Well, in recent years, there have been great developments in bringing back staples like bread, pasta, rice and other such items to low carb dieter's menus. Many are sub par - acceptable, but nothing to write home about. At Heylo, we saw the taste, texture and smell elements of bread as a challenge to be overcome alongside the need for low carbs. 

That's why with all of our breads, you get low carb (starting at 0.3g carbs per slice of Artisan Seeded), but you also get incredible moreish taste and aroma - and soft yet satisfying texture. Our 4.7 average rating on Reviews.io should tell you all you need to know! 

None of this is to mention the high protein and fibre content of all our bread - making them satisfying and filling and offering additional health benefits from muscle growth post-training to gut health.

Low carb bread

Low carb bread. Where can I buy it?

Heylo's shop is the perfect one stop shop for low carb bread and bakery. Head to there today and pick up all your favourites - Bagels, Loaves, Rolls, Fruit bread and Subs. 

Low carb and keto diets: In summmary

Low-carbohydrate diets have demonstrated effectiveness in aidingweight loss through metabolic changes, appetite control, and initial water weight reduction. And while acknowledging their potential benefits, it’s crucial to approach such dietary modifications with a balanced perspective, considering individual differences and long-term health implications. Keto works for some, but a more relaxed approach to limiting carbs works for others. Find out what works for you with Heylo! 


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