What to consider when beginning on a low carb, keto lifestyle?

What to consider when beginning on a low carb, keto lifestyle?

Following a low carb, keto diet comes with heaps of benefits including better sleep, mental clarity, controlling a sugar addiction and of course, maintaining weight.
Weight loss or weight maintenance is one of the most common reasons that people decided to eat a low carb, keto diet and when done correctly, it can have amazing results.

Unlike many mainstream diets, eating a low-carb, keto diet helps to maintain your weight without restricting you to a ‘diet’. You can still enjoy all the delicious foods and because of this, the low carb and keto lifestyle is one that people follow for years and years, often breaking the habit of yo-yo dieting that they may have been stuck in in the past.

Before making the change to a keto lifestyle, try and promise yourself that you will make a 12-week commitment. This gives you the best chance at getting your body into tip-top, fat-burning condition. After this time, you can make the decision whether to stay “keto” or move into more of a low-carb lifestyle.

We’re not saying it will be easy (although most of the best things in life never are!) however, in our opinion the good days far outweigh the bad and once you’re past those first couple of weeks, it will just become second nature to you.

In the beginning, you may experience constipation as your body adjusts. Apple cider vinegar in the morning and some chai or flaxseeds in a smoothie or Greek yogurt will help to get things moving again.
If you are hungry, eat and when you feel full, just stop. It’s equally important to not starve yourself as it is to not overeat.

Remember not to be too hard on yourself too. During your journey, you will have days where you aren’t following the diet and that’s okay. The main thing is jumping back into the saddle and reminding yourself of all the reasons you are embarking on this journey.

A low carb, keto lifestyle has transformed the lives of thousands of women and if you stick to it, we’re confident it will transform yours too. It won’t happen overnight however week by week, month by month and even year by year, you’ll notice positive mental and physical changes that will have an amazing effect on your health.

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