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Low Carb Rolls - The Best Buns In Show!

Our Low carb and keto rolls are here to make your low carb diet the easiest AND tastiest ever

Roll up, roll up - We’ve got the most amazing low-carb seeded rolls for you! Our all purpose beauties are great for packed lunches and sausage sarnies and come into their own at a BBQ. Keto rolls? Low Carb baps? Seeded Barm-cakes? Name them what you like - they taste amazing regardless of what you call them. 

By golly are these rolls satisfying. Just under 16g of protein per roll and 5.4 grams of fibre, but still just 5g of carbs, these are healthy, filling and super tasty - a firm customer favourite. 

Keto Rolls Uk

Bread rolls - what's in a name? 

In the United Kingdom, a bread roll goes by various names depending on the region. These include roll, and for a smaller segment of the population (often in specific areas), terms like bap, barm cake, batch, bread-cake, bun, cob, teacake, and muffin. In Europe, a diverse range of rolls exists, from wheat flour-based white rolls to rye flour-based darker ones. These rolls can incorporate spices like coriander and cumin, nuts, and often contain or are topped with whole seeds like sesame, poppy, pumpkin, or sunflower.

What sets our low carb rolls apart? 

Low carb rolls recipe

Naturally, with our focus being on all things low carb and keto, our bakery has toiled long and hard to make sure our key point of difference is the carbs. At just 5.1g per 60g Heylo seeded roll, that's about 1/6 of the carbs of an equivalent standard roll (60g roll = approx 30g carbs).

Ours are triple the protein and about 5x the fibre too!

Best tasting low carb rolls though? 

We like to think so - again - this is real bread with real taste - carefully baked using specially chosen low carb flour replacements in with the yeast. But don't take our word for it - we score 4.7 out of 5 on reviews.io - check out a handful of our customer reviews:

low carb roll review

Low carb roll uk

best low carb roll

'I have given up standard bread rolls for these. They are great, full of flavour and really filling.' Janice, Reviews.io

'Another game changer from the same brand as the bread! Essential if you are on a keto plan or concerned about carb intake.' Melanie, Reviews.io

Shop Low Carb Rolls UK

Heylo's shop stocks these rolls all the year round alongside a smorgasbord of other bread and bakery goodies. Click on the image below to head over there today! 

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