Low Carb Fruit Bread

Low Carb Bread with Cinnamon and Raisins

A Sweet Keto Bread Treat - Comforting and Satisfying

Our sweeter low carb bread treat is perfect at breakfast, as a snack or even for dessert. Delicately spiced and dotted with raisins, this loaf is comfort in a toasted slice - but also perfect as an ingredient in a number of yummy sweet recipes

A short history of Raisin Bread...

Raisin bread's origins are often misattributed to Henry David Thoreau, but recipes dating back to 1671 featured bread with raisins. Variations existed in Europe since the 15th century, like Germany's Christmas stollen, Russia's Easter kulich, and Italy's panettone. The term "raisin bread" first appeared in an 1845 article in Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine. It gained traction in England during the late 1800s as a part of high tea and was later promoted in the 1920s as "The Bread Of Iron" due to raisins' high iron content. By the 1960s, it became increasingly popular among English bakers.

Low Carb Cinnamon Bread

Making A Low Carb Fruit Bread 

Our bakery has worked hard to get this traditionally higher carb bread down. Despite being sticky, sweet and studded with raisins, each 30g slice is still only 4.1g of carbs. We've used real cinnamon and natural sweeteners as well as our nifty low carb bread ingredients and baking process to achieve this - believe us when we tell you it was no mean feat!

Our low carb fruit bread slices are a little smaller in 'size' than regular bread slices. But, they weigh much the same and come well-packed with protein (4.5 grams a slice!) and fibre, which will satisfy your appetite and keep you fuller for longer than any normal fruit bread slice!

keto cinnamon bread

Versatile in Low Carb Recipes

For sweet low carb and keto recipes, this bread is an absolute must for those craving a treat. On its own with lots of butter it's great, but you can use it to make sweet french toast, bread and butter pudding, apple charlottes and, well, anything greedy and pudding-y that you could think of. 

Low carb Bread and butter pudding

Buy Low Carb Cinnamon Bread in Heylo's shop

Our amazing low carb shop stocks this incredible sweet bread alongside a whole host of other delicious bread and bakery products. Available on its own or as part of some of our bundles, head there now and grab yourself a loaf or loaves of this wonderful product. Just click on the image below. 

Low carb shop uk

Our customers say about our Low Carb Fruit bread:

 'So glad you have made this, hope it's a forever item!Jo, Facebook

'All the bread products I've bought are fab! I love the new white sliced and the cinnamon raisin bread is lush' Elizabeth, Reviews.io

'Yummy!' Justine, Facebook



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