White Low Carb Rolls

Low Carb White Rolls | Keto rolls and subs

Lighter White Low Carb Rolls - Heylo's come as round rolls and/or finger rolls. Perfect for Keto-Friendly meal treats.

Just like our soft Lighter White bread you all know and love but in roll and 'sub' form! With just 3.5g carbs per roll/sub, you can now enjoy a keto-friendly burger, hot dog, sandwich or sub any time you like whilst following a low-carb or keto diet.

Think jam-packed meatball subs, chicken burgers, bacon baps, chill dogs and, well, anything you can put between two buns.

Low carb bread roll

Seriously good low carb bread with added benefits

So, it's not just what we've taken out (the carbs)... it's that we've added ingredients that boost and enrich our bread's nutritional composition, giving you a healthier, more satisfying roll or sub. They are packed with both protein and fibre - key nutritional cornerstones of a holistically healthy diet. 

White Keto Rolls

The tastiest Low carb white rolls on the UK market

Soft textured, light and bouncy white rolls that are low in carbs are not easy to come by. Trust us - we've tried a LOT when researching these products. But, using quite traditional baking ingredients, with a couple of low carb swaps, we've developed the most amazing smelling and tasting rolls around. You don't have to take our word for it — with an average of nearly 4.9/5 on reviews.io, our amazing customers are doing all the talking for us:

Low carb white rolls

White low carb rolls uk

keto white rolls

Low carb sub rolls

The best place to buy low carb

The No.1 Shop for keto bread and low carb bakery is right here on our site. Our shop is packed to the rafters with the best tasting options in this category on the UK market. If you haven't already tried, or are looking to give something new a go, head over to our low carb shop today, where you'll find our rolls and a range of breads and other low carb goodies. Click the image below to head there!

Low carb bread uk

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